The Sneezing Fit

It’s funny how such a simple action sometimes can have some unattended consequences. I’ve always had an allergy problem, and I’ve always been known to have sneezing fits. But for some reason, this sneezing fit in particular compelled me to keep rolling with the camera even though it was interrupting me back to back. I […]

Letter From My Femdom Dummy

My little dummy charlie who is willing to do just about anything that I have to say, doesn’t really have much to offer but his humiliation for my entertainment and it truly shows. He was willing to lick the toilet seat for me permitting he could even have just an ounce of my time.  While […]

Quick Update

This months clips are more about the domination fetish as I explore further into the fetish, and my enjoyments. I’ve got a flavoring to fit just about every palate. Down below I’ll link you to my newest video, but I also wanted to add going forward that all of my clips will now feature recommendations […]

What I Want, I Get.

First post on the blog, and I finally found a reason to write in it and to make a post. Also I was finally feeling up to it, I run a busy schedule between filming, social media, my personal life, and managing my presences elsewhere. Therefore I don’t have time to do custom clips for […]

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