Serve Me

To serve me you have to submit a slave application, and send a tribute of 50 to 100.00 via one of the following methods on my tribute page BEFORE submitting your slave application. Doing so without tributing will get your application trashed and ignored. Tribute names MUST match in order to be identified as yours.


  1. Serving me is a privilege, you will give me the utmost respect and in return you will get the most basic respect. However you are EXPECTED to do everything that I ask you and tell you to do.
  2. You will ALWAYS address me by Goddess, Mistress, Princess, or Queen Saesila. Nothing less, anything less will be considered an insult. I am NOT your baby, or personal woman.
  3. Loyalty and your long commitment in serving me makes a pleasant experience for the both of us.
  4. When I am feeling merciful SOMETIMES I will reward you, but do not expect it. As when i give you anything it’s because I want you to have it not because you ever deserve it.
  5. Contributing once is NOT enough to garner my attention, therefore it is expected that you always have some sort of money to tribute with me every single week if not everyday. Expecting my attention for much less such as occasionally will get you ignored. If you cannot afford to pay me weekly, you are better off buying up all of my clips to show how much you adore me.
  6. Topping from the bottom will always get you replaced, banned from ever serving me again and ignored.


Slave Application
This form is ONLY to be submitted with a 50-100.00 tribute to my email Any applications submitted without will be trashed and ignored.

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